Superior Workmanship

We select the finest and consistent slate slabs

At Custom Slate we work hard to deliver the highest quality slate heaths, this starts with choosing the best raw materials.  As standard we produce our slate heaths from 30mm slate slabs sourced from trusted suppliers that deliver the finest quality slabs.

With any natural raw material there will be slight variations and flaws this is why we select the slate slabs we use and make sure we choose wisely to make sure the colour and texture is consistent, and that the areas of the slab used is as flawless as can be.

Some of our competitors choose cheaper and thinner slate slabs, while we opt for the more expensive option to make sure our products are the best most of our customers find our prices are better value for money when comparing like for like, in most occasions our prices are lower than our competition even though we supply a superior product.

Slate Hearth Preparation

Final slate hearth preparation

Here is a collection of images from our workshop of how we prepare our slate hearths ready for collection or delivery.

Getting ready for delivery

We go the extra mile especially when it comes to delivering your Slate Hearth safely

Here is a collection of images on how we prepare and pack your slate hearth ready for collection by our trusted courier.